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River Murray Charts Eighth EditionIn the late 1800's approximately 4,000 miles of the great Murray Darling river system was continuously navigable....at least for part of the year, depending on the flow of water down these systems.

The River Murray is Australia's major river and is still continuously navigable for approximately 1,200 miles or 1,986 kilometres, thanks to 11 locks and weirs and four barrages between the Murray mouth and Yarrawonga.

Old river men used hand drawn charts to guide them. Until 1975 there were no commercial river charts available for the River Murray.

Barry and Maureen Wright spent 14 months cruising from Murray Bridge to Yarrawonga in 1973 and 1974 and from this trip resulted a publication which was the first of its kind.

River Murray Charts is a book of 47 pages of navigation charts, designed very much as they were in the days of the Murray paddle steamers. The book was first sold in 1975 and since then River Murray Charts has become the bible of the river between Yarrawonga in Victoria and Renmark in South Australia.

It contains all you need to know for an extended river trip, or just for a good read.

The book has sold over 60,000 copies and won two judges commendations in the SA State tourism awards, in 1992 and 1993.

River Murray



New eighth edition

River Murray Charts - Renmark to Yarrawonga was revised during a seven week trip from Yarrawonga to Renmark in March and April 2013. The new book contains up to date information and navigation charts and is now available from our secure online shop using PayPal or credit card, and from selected bookshops, newsagencies and visitor centres.
Other changes to this edition include colour pages, historical photographs and aboriginal legends. 
GPS readings for all the kilometre signs [every two kilometres], groynes and some reefs can be downloaded free [see GPS page]. They are in map datum WGS 84, position format hddd ° mm.mmm and listed on an Excel worksheet .


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